Positive partnerships can make great things happen. Construction workforce development initiatives benefit the industry, individual construction companies, and newcomers to the field who are training and gaining on-the-job experience at the same time. When urban renewal projects are added to the mix, the result is positivity all around--big wins in every direction.

Community Revitalization Construction

The trend to revitalize urban communities continues in many cities all over the country. Pure Construction provides OSHA and other forms of training for minorities who want to build a career in construction. While attending part-time training, they pair with professional construction firms and contractors to get real-life job experience working on a dynamic range of projects, including neighborhood revitalization projects.

Many progressive companies are looking for ways to benefit traditionally underserved communities. Urban revitalization projects have a transformative impact on the people who live within these communities. The power of transformation expands further when minority workers have an opportunity to take part in these urban renewal projects too. Pure and its partners deliver these opportunities; in return, they draw on the skills and hard work of new emerging professionals who will continue to add their talent to the industry.

Construction Experience Makes Professionals

There's no doubt that high-grade skills training, rigorous safety training, and licensure are important for construction subcontractors, but when just starting out in the field, on-the-job experience and pay are integral to workers. Pure features programs designed to help minorities and populations who are traditionally underrepresented in the field of construction like women. Training and experience provide a springboard for success for our programs' participants.

Pure is excited to be involved in numerous community revitalization projects. Working with newcomers to the field and our contractor partners is a rewarding endeavor for our team. We've been able to build partnerships that achieve tremendous success for individuals, construction firms, and the industry as a whole. In fact, the success of these partnerships promises to pave the way to even more urban revitalization initiatives in the coming years.

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