Many industries are struggling with goals to improve workforce diversity. Less than 10% of today's construction professionals, for example, are women. Less than 7% are African American. Pure helps to improve construction workforce training by pairing subcontractors with contractors working in the field. Rather than devoting their time exclusively to training to qualify for certifications, minority contractors can train with established contractors while working to become certified.

Earn Credentials and Gain On-the-Job Construction Experience

Many subcontractors find it impossible to devote their time to technical programs or vocational college courses that would help them build their careers in the construction field. Attending these courses would affect their ability to earn income. Now, they can turn to Pure to enjoy employment opportunities with established construction professionals while participating in credentialing and training opportunities. While gaining valuable on-the-job experience, subcontractors will receive OSHA training as well as business training.

Pure bridges the employment gap for many individuals who want to build their own businesses in the construction field. We feature a network of professional contractors who rely on our talented subcontractors to become part of their workforce. While these individuals may not command all the necessary skills needed to thrive in the field, they do gain them throughout the course of the projects they take part in. Becoming OSHA certified and learning from construction pros gives minority subcontractors the additional training they need to move forward in this competitive industry.

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